Saturday, September 12, 2015

Mini Sewing Machine

 DIY Mini Sewing Machine Jewelry Container made of cold porcelain clay

Materials needed for this project:

1.  Cold porcelain Clay + Soft Clay (optional)
2.  Acrylic Paint (black, silver & grey)
3.  A few Tooth Picks
4.  Thread of any color (1 ft)

Shape the Mini Sewing Machine, join the parts together and insert the tooth picks as shown

.... and you're ready to paint

tips - Put the clay model on a flat surface like the cover of some plastic container for easier handling.
         After painting it black, use a tooth pick to paint the gold design.  

Use a metal container of the right size to fit the clay model and prepare the decorations as shown

Perfect cute container for keeping my favorite crystal bracelets

and as a decorative item