Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Polymer Clay Christmas Gift Ideas

Charms and Decorative Ornaments made from Polymer Clay or Cold Porcelain as a Christmas Gift to relatives and friends. Well, its the thought that counts, isn't it?

Here are just some of the Ideas of the things you can make with a Christmas Theme.

I love the Baymax Movie and would sure be delighted if someone were to make these for me too.

The Materials that you will need:-

and of course Polymer Clay, Cold Porcelain or Soft Clay


Decorative Cupcake Charms on a Miniature Stand

Cupcake Charms Gift Wrap


A set of cute decorative puppies

A set consisting of 5 doll charms

DIY Jewellery

DIY Jewelleries from Marbles, Crystals and Beads


Materials needed for the project

  1. Roll the wire (18-20 gauge aluminium) into a coil at the beginning and towards the end, roll it from the side as shown.
  2. Leave an allowance of about 1 1/2 cm before you cut off the wire.
  3. Mark the pic you want to use on your flat marble and cut out and paste on the flat side.
  4. Glue it onto the bail and glaze it with transparent nail polish and you're done.
  5. Attach to a chain and gift-box it to make a resourceful gift.

Try it with Different Colors and Necklace.

Restyle your old crystal or beaded bracelets into Trendy Gifts


Have you ever own a nice looking piece of stone or crystal and wondered what you're going to do with it if you can't wear it?  Well, wonder no more.

Recycled Handmade Gifts

Ipad Sleeve made from Leftover Materials

I'm using some cotton and denim materials to create some sort of patchwork and patterns here, lol.

To make it more durable, I'm using 2 layers, inner and outer layers to create this sleeve cover.  Try to use the same materials and matching colors for the inner layer.

Ipad Sleeve from Recycled Bag

I'm sure there are too many recycle bags lying around the house, taking up space from most household, so here is one method that you can make good use of those bags.

Try to retain and use the original opening if you can, to make it easier and simple to sew.

Get creative with Sharpie Pens, Fabric Dye Crayons or whatever materials you wish.